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Cushions are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to transform a room – whether you are looking to add a bit of colour, soften the mood or just fancy a change. There’s no need to call in the decorators…..just add a few cushions and lights that are cleverly selected and positioned and a brand new room is all yours for a very reasonable price

The temptation is often to try and match everything or keep all the cushions the same…. But here at East meets West we love blending the patterns and colours and textures to add depth and “pop”. The trick is to layer and complement your cushions so that the room feels different.

Despite the bright colours and intricate patterns that we love, we aim for a subtle and detailed approach so that your eye gradually picks up the details and the flow of the colours

Another nifty trick is to colour match a glass mosaic lamp colours with your cushion. Quite often your visitors won’t pick up specifically what you have done, but they are sure to complement you on your decor

Or you can play with colour on different levels. Direct the eye’s gaze with floor cushions matched with your chair or sofa cushions and colours

Or you can just match your dog and floor cushion!

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